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Join our vibrant and diverse workforce, embracing Indigo's core values while fostering an environment that nurtures both personal and professional development. If you align with our ethos and aspire to elevate standards, Indigo provides an ideal platform for your aspirations. We value diversity, promoting an active, dynamic culture that encourages growth and innovation. At Indigo, we prioritize an environment where dedication and commitment thrive, offering opportunities to contribute meaningfully while fostering individual growth trajectories. Embrace a workplace driven by our ethos, where your contributions align with our commitment to excellence. Join us at Indigo and be part of a team that embodies the values of diversity, growth, and quality, propelling both personal and professional advancement within a dynamic, forward-thinking atmosphere.


Diversity and Inclusion

The strongest perspectives are built in the presence of diverse minds. Equal policies and practices stand strong as our pillars in Indigo.

Work-life harmony

Responsible pacing of time between work and personal life is known to generate higher productivity. Experience opportunities beyond the daily to reignite passion both, on and off the job.

Competency building

Total quality, management and efficiency is dependent on relevant upskilling with time. To nurture and support the talent of our employees is vital to growth.

Ever-evolving landscape

Technology and learning waits for none and nor do we. Innovations and advancements in the industry are incorporated in an effort to provide for the best products and services.


Join a world that fosters ideas, inspires togetherness and offers an environment to
build the leaders of tomorrow. Welcome to our world!
Customer Relationship Manager

This role involves Collecting Feedback from customers, Cold Calling, managing Customer experience, Building and maintaining the customer database. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to

Office Stenographer

We are looking for a stenographer to handle Inter and Intra corporate mail interactions. If you are interested in this position, please send your resume to

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Indigo TMT, the leading name in TMT steel bars, ensures superior quality and availability in South India. Renowned for reliability, we're the top choice in Kerala, committed to meeting global standards and customer expectations with exceptional construction materials.

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