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Indigo TMT, a prominent name in the TMT steel bars industry, consistently adheres to stringent international standards across its product spectrum. Our extensive distribution network ensures seamless availability of superior TMT steel bars throughout South India. Renowned as the foremost choice in Kerala, Indigo TMT holds the prestigious position of being the top brand, revered for its exceptional quality and reliability. Our commitment to excellence, combined with an unwavering dedication to meeting global benchmarks, has solidified our standing as the foremost provider of TMT steel bars, earning the trust and preference of customers seeking unparalleled quality in construction materials.

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Best Quality

We guarantee best Quality available in the market.

Indestructible & Strong

We provide Highly Indestructible & Strong TMT Bars.

Safest Choice

Indigo TMT will be the Safest choice for you in an eternity.

Exceptional Durability

Highly durable, resilient TMT bars for lasting structural integrity.

Indigo TMT

Indigo TMT Steel Bars, equipped with EQR German Technology, are designed to absorb energy waves from earthquakes


Billet raw material
goes through analysis
to the cutting stage.


Heated at high
temperature and rolled at
uniform high temperature.


Quenching is done


Automated bed does
the cooling and finally
Tested & Inspected

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Indigo TMT

Indigo TMT, the leading name in TMT steel bars, ensures superior quality and availability in South India. Renowned for reliability, we're the top choice in Kerala, committed to meeting global standards and customer expectations with exceptional construction materials.

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